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Luxury and Designer Cat Collars and Party Collars
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» Cat Collars and Party Collars

»  Swarovski Crystal Cat Collars
»  Crystal Cat Collars
»  Cloth and Nylon Cat Collars
»  Leather and Suede Cat Collars
»  Party Cat Collars and Boas
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Cat Boutique

Fancy Cat Collars
You don't want just any old collar for your kitten or cat. Your cat deserves a fancy cat collar to wear wherever he goes. Choose from a large selection here at Check out our jeweled rhinestone cat collars in black and red. There are many other options if you are looking for a jeweled cat collar as well. How about a band of shiny crystals for your cat to wear around his or her neck? Imagine how glamorous your feline will look in a rhinestone cat collar!

Other types of collars are popular for cats in addition to our rhinestone cat collars. Take for example, our leather cat collars for the cat that doesn't quite have a rhinestone personality but still wants to look sophisticated. If a leather cat collar isn't your kitty's style, check out our camo cat collars. If your kitten thinks he's tough stuff, what could be better than a camouflage cat collar? Or if she's super-feminine, check out our gorgeous and luxurious Swarovski cat collars.