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Cat Photo


We would love for you to become acquainted with our family, and we want to meet yours. After all, your precious pets ARE part of your family! Our "Pet Photo Gallery" is just the place to show off your babies!!!  Our "Gallery" is viewed by "Make Your Baby a Star"!

Send us a picture of your pet(s) preferably wearing a new item from "The Gilded Paw", and a brief description about yourself and your "best friend(s)", or tell us things he or she loves to do, and we will display it here for you.  You can send us any image size you have, and we will gladly resize it for you to fit our site. If you have more than 1 pet, send us photos of all of them!  Each and every pet is precious to us!

NOTE:  Only your first name, state and pet(s) names will be shown under the photo for your protection, along with your submitted paragraph!


"Shang Su"

     THE GILDED PAW'S sweet "Shang Su"!  What can we say about a friend lost years ago....a friend who was kind, sweet, gentle, never made any trouble, housebroke herself......?  In short, was everything any dog owner would want?  It was often said, "if every dog was natured like Shang Su, "everybody" would have a dog!

    "Shang Su" was one of the first Shar Pei in the U.S., years ago when the breed was still considered rare.  At the time, Shar Pei were not AKC recognized, but for the breed there did exist a special registry and club knows as "The Chinese Shar Pei Club of America". 

     We showed "Shang Su" guite actively in many states.  It took no time at all, sometimes with heavy competition from Shar Pei brought from all over the U.S., for "Shangies", as she was called, to become an "Honorary Champion".

     We love all our dogs as though they were "human" (well, aren't they??), ...each having a very special place in our hearts...but it is with tears in my eyes and a never-ending ache in my heart...that I describe "an angel above who is still the most wonderful dog......and shall always remain that way!"  Someday we will meet again!


     THE GILDED PAW'S little "Gigi"....a 1 1/2 year old dynamo, and the perfect model for many of our products!   Gigi is also one of our small product testers, especially small dog beds!  Her favorite hobby is knocking around her large reindeer "Rufies"....she especially likes rolling him off our bed!  Like her sister Chanel, Gigi also collects fancy collars. (or is it Mom?)  Rides in the car to any place with food is definitely tops on her list!  I'll take the chicken fillet, Dad!

                             "Anakin Lucas Skywalker"



"Nicki and Alfie"

     THE GILDED PAW'S "Nick Nick" and "Little Alf"!  These two, now both in heaven with our other dogs, were real buddies.  Nicki, being so closely related to the wolf, was a great singer!  All we had to do was play Sonny and Cher's "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves", and Nicki would sing loudly to the entire song!! What a voice!

     Alfie was mommy's little buddy, and followed her everywhere.

     Both are sorely missed.......but have left "loving pawprints on our hearts"!


     THE GILDED PAW'S little "Chanel", a 5 lb. babydoll who's as mighty as she is small!!  Chanel is one of our models, and tests many of our smaller products.  Her favorite hobby is playing with "Little Bear"...a tiny teddy bear that squeaks, and collecting fancy collars! (or is is Mom who collects the collars??)  Trips to Burger King are also among her favorites!  Chanel is not quite as picky about her diet as sister Gigi!  Say, Dad,  how bout we go to Schells

for those cheese cubes?

"Krimpet and Pugsley"

     THE GILDED PAW'S senior product testers! Krimpet is of the feminine gender, and like all women, considers herself "boss"! Dear sweet Pugsley often argues that point...but always loses! Both just love to eat...and eat...and eat! In fact, we call them "the Cookie Monsters"!  Especially "Toll House" cookies!

     One particular Christmas years ago my daughter and I baked over 12 dozen Toll House cookies.......only to find ALL OF THEM completely eaten when we returned that night from a restaurant.  Cookie tins had been knocked on the floor, all cookies eaten except for the ones that got mashed into the floor!!  Now that's what we call "real cookie monsters"!

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