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Important Information for Pet Owners


  Always Use a Pet Car Set When Taking Smaller Dogs in the Car!

   There are several types of safety seats available made especially for smaller dogs.  The seats come in different sizes according to the size and weight of your dog.  There are even seats available which will safely hold more than one dog.  Furthermore, many of the seats actually raise small dogs up to the level at which they can actually see out of the car window - a feature smaller dogs love!  The seats are best placed in the back seat of your vehicle, just like infant seats.

    The seats are available in many colors and styles.  You can even coordinate the color of the seat with your car's upholstery.  The pet seats attach to the seat of your car with the seat belt.

     Not only are the pet car seats an essential safety item for your beloved pets, but are actually a saving grace for the driver...... and may even help prevent an accident!  Many dogs get excited when going for a "ride" and constantly run all over the seat, or worse yet, actually jump back and forth from the back to the front, front to the back, etc.  We're sure many of you have experienced this very dangerous behavior.

    So...please, if you don't already own a pet safety seat, buy one as soon as possible to protect your beloved "best friends"!  It is truly money well spent!  Remember, one day you may be glad you did!


      The Correct Way to Use the Car Seat!  Very Important!

   There is only "one safe way" to strap your pets into the seat.......and that is with the use of a "pet harness".....the same type you can use to walk your dog.

NEVER, but NEVER attach your dog to the pet seat "with a collar"!!  We can't emphasize the importance of this strongly enough!

   An actual movie done with "dog dummies" in the same way crash tests are done with human mannequins shows the "horrible outcome" of an accident when dogs are attached to the pet safety seat with collars.  IT IS TRULY SOMETHING YOU WOULD "NOT WANT TO SEE"...LET ALONE ALLOW TO HAPPEN TO YOUR BELOVED PET!  Dogs held in the pet safety seats with COLLARS are ACTUALLY THROWN OUT OVER THE TOP OF THE SAFETY SEAT.....AND "HUNG"!!

   So, please....for the sake of the lives of your adored pets, PURCHASE A PET SAFETY SEAT.....AND USE IT!  IN ADDITION, MAKE SURE YOU USE A HARNESS ON YOUR PET TO STRAP HIM/HER INTO THE SEAT...NEVER A COLLAR!  The few minutes well spent on this simple procedure may save your pet's life.....and possibly even yours by preventing dangerous distracting behavior.

   Some day you may be very glad you did!

   NOTE:  For your convenience and the safety of your pet, "The Gilded Paw" stocks pet safety seats in many sizes and colors ready for immediate delivery.


      Coming Next!  Car Safety When Traveling with Larger Dogs!