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Modern Dog
AKC Gazette

New Yorker Magazine



August 2006 

"New York Pet Fashion Week" 

The first annual "New York Pet Fashion Week" was a huge success! Top pet fashion designers and manufactures of the finest upscale dog apparel and accessories from around the world were showcased in grand fashion. "The Gilded Paw" is pleased to announce the purchase of the exquisite and featured designer wedding gown by Emma Rose Designs. The handmade dog wedding gown was truly the hit of the fabulous runway fashion show! International media coverage and details about the lavish wedding gown are mentioned in the press release below.


"The Gilded Paw" prides itself in carrying only the finest fashions and accessories from around the world, for your precious pet.

New York Pet Fashion Week Featured Wedding Dress

Picture Taken by Traer Scott


Contact:  Elizabeth Moyer (610)858-6508 –


The Gilded Paw “Unveils” latest Wedding Dress for your pet

TGP Company President Kristine Moyer purchases exclusive dress



Wyomissing, PA (August 29, 2006) – On August 19th and 20th the New York Pet Fashion week was finally unleashed. The show received international media coverage from top publications such as The Washington Times, The New York Post, United Press International-Newstrack, China Daily and possible video coverage on Animal Planet and Vh1.


There were many beautiful and extravagant items shown throughout the show, but few were as exquisite as the $5,500.00 hand-made wedding gown by Emma Rose Designs.  The dress was bought by a Pennsylvania based online company called The Gilded Paw ( When speaking to the president of the company, Mrs. Kristine Moyer, we learned that she first met the owner of Emma Rose Designs, Mrs. Carol Blanchette, and automatically fell in love with the detail and outstanding quality of her handmade pieces. Soon after that, Kristine and Carol became not only business associates but friends. When asked about buying the lavish wedding dress that was showcased in the Fashion Show, Kristine had only one response. “We wanted to buy this dress for those unable to attend the event. We believe a dress like this should be able to be seen by the world and to understand that pet fashion is not just a passing trend. “


Emma Rose Designs is generally higher -quality not only in their structure but also in the fabric and embellishments that go into their hand-made pieces.  The dress shown in the fashion show was no exception with its bodice consisting of over one thousand hand-beaded Swarovski beads and clear cup sequins. The dress was all hand done by Carol and took her a couple of months to finish. The fabric used on the bodice is a Peau de Soie, while the fabric for the luxurious ten foot, five layered train is made out of tulle and has embellishments of rose appliqués with pearls and sequins.  When asked about her inspiration for the dress Carol Blanchette responded that she was “sitting by my flower garden (when) I watched the roses and thought of romance and simpler days where everything seemed beautiful.” To add a finishing touch to this already exquisite dress the veil is a “bridal illusion” with white satin cording and Swarovski beading and sequins.


The Gilded Paw has become the largest online retailer of Emma Rose Designs and carries a few exclusive pieces now including the dress showcased in the New York Pet Fashion show. To learn more about these fabulous pieces please visit or




The Gilded Paw "1001 Reasons" to Buy this Book

    TGP Company to be featured in upcoming book.


Wyomissing, PA (October 3, 2006) –In this day and age, more and more people are looking to dogs as more than just pets but as members of the family. With any member of the family we strive to make them feel happy, loved and pampered. If you have furry family members yourself, or just love dogs, then you must check out the book 1001 Reasons to Love Dogs by Christine Miele and Mary Tiegreen. This 320 page book is a dog-lovers delight, filled with fun stories, playful images and products galore! The book is the fifth in an ongoing series, which is why The Gilded Paw is honored to be a part of it.  Numerous pictures of Gilded Paw dog products are featured in the book.

              Recently, a representative of The Gilded Paw had a chance to speak with Mary Tiegreen about the book.  When asked about her and Christine's inspiration about the book Mary Tiegreen said her two Golden Retrievers were her original inspiration. She had purchased her first Golden from Christine Miele in 1995.  Christine is not only a breeder but a dog show judge and the president of the Golden Retriever Club of America Christine personally owns 5 dogs. Within the conversation we found out a lot of interesting facts and reflections about the book. The most crucial item was how passionate and honest Mary was about what she hoped her audience gets out of the book. "Dogs are more amazing than even dog lovers realize. It's amazing to see the loyalty and love dogs share; it was especially prominent with the dogs of war. There are also more things in history that link humans and dogs than we realize. We want to inspire people to see how amazing dogs are and to be kind to dogs. We'd also like to get pet owners more excited about their own dogs and get them to see that there is more out there in the pet world then they realize." 1001 Reasons to Love Dogs has been officially released to the public. The book will be sold in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. at main book retailers such as Barnes and Noble, Borders and

The book is broken down into several sections such as: Perfect Dog, Breeds, Dogs from Mythology and Famous Dogs, Party Animals, Over Achievers, Dogs with Jobs, and the Pampered Pooch. The "Perfect Dog" showcases all the little things we love about our dogs, from staring into their eyes to their funny little noses to the feel of their coats. "Breeds" is a small section discussing all the different types of dogs out there. "Dogs from Mythology and Famous Dogs" mentions both mythological and historical dogs, which includes never before seen images of Pavlov's dogs and their names, as well as famous mascots. "Party Animals" talks about what dogs like to do for fun and how they entertain themselves. "Over Achievers" is a fun section which is reminiscent of the Guinness Book of World Records but for dogs instead. "Dogs with Jobs" is a serious chapter that talks about dogs of war, search and rescues dogs and working dogs. 

The Pampered Pooch section talks about spas for dogs, places in New York where your little one can go, dog houses and places for the dog lover to visit. The Gilded Paw, as a new company, is both humbled and honored to have some of our boutique dog items featured in this section. You will see designer dog apparel, jewelry and furniture that can be found on our website,