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             2005 Silver Spoon Pre Emmy Hollywood Buffet


  All proceeds from the Silver Spoon were donated to the American Red Cross to be used to help Katrina victims.



    The Gilded Paw sends a monthly donation to the ASPCA.


                         Silver Spoon Dog and Baby Buffet

   All Silver Spoon events cater to pampering the stars, with proceeds going to different charities.



    Coalition for Catskill Game Farm Animals - Capital Animal Care

    Donations were being taken through Capital Animal Care to help the animals of The Catskill Game Farm due to them having to close their doors on October 9 2006; 1000 animals were left without a place to go. Having failed in all diplomatic solutions, they were left with no choice but to attempt to purchase as many of the animals as possible in the hopes of saving them from slaughter or the bullets of would-be 'hunters'.  A Paypal account (via Capital Animal Care) was established explicitly for such donations. All donations were pooled and split to buy the largest number of animals for which there are sanctuary commitments, unless someone had decided to specify what type of animal they wanted their donation to go to. Any money remaining was divided equally between the sanctuaries for the long term care of the animals.